Why should you join the BSU?
  1. Black is beautiful!

  2. Get assistance graduating and transferring

  3. Peer support system

  4. Make a difference in your community

  5. Network with other Black students

  6. Learn about your beautiful history

  7. Improve your organization skills

  8. Practice what you want to do in life

  9. Learn about resources for Black students

  10. Take control of your campus

Who can join the BSU?
Members are required to apply for membership, attend a BSU orientation, and depending on the level of membership, there are additional requirements.

Do I have to be Black to join the BSU?
The BSU does not discriminate; however, non-Black students are expected to serve in a supportive role opposed to leadership position within the organization.

When does the BSU meet?
The BSU holds membership meetings every Monday at 12 P.M. Executive Board meetings are held twice per month at a time determined by Board members. Committees are held monthly and additionally as necessary at a time determined by the committee.

Where does the Laney BSU meet?
The Laney BSU meets in Student Center (SC) 403 as well as SC 401-A (Irma P. Walker Conference Room).